The omission of workplace achievements on CVs is letting down job applicants, it has been suggested.

According to a study conducted by, 73 per cent of employers questioned reported they have rejected candidates because of their failure to include relevant achievements on their CV.

In addition, over half (51 per cent) said that were applicants to sell their achievements more effectively on the documents, they would be able to demand starting salaries of at least five per cent more.

Reportedly, jobseekers tend to focus on listing their general responsibilities, as opposed to their personal achievements.

"Most people think a quirky CV style or generic responsibilities are what employers are looking for, but the research shows that actually the specific achievements of individuals are what make the difference," stated Karl Gregory from

In related news, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently issued a warning to job seekers that lying on a CV is a gamble, with a study having revealed that a quarter of employers withdrew job offers last year after discovering someone had lied in their application.