An expert has called on British bosses to communicate more closely with their workforce and keep them updated on any developments over job security and pay to prevent uncertainty.

Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals policy liaison officer Diana Bruce predicted that salary freezes would continue to be a sticking point for some firms throughout 2011, but suggested better engagement could ward off potential disputes.

“It is absolutely vital that employers communicate with employees; job security is going to be a really key factor,” she commented. “The economy is very much still on the road to recovery from the recession.”

Ms Bruce added that the recent increase to VAT is likely to prove a major worry for workers over the coming year and advised employers to take pre-emptive action to ensure that morale is maintained.

Managers seeking expert advice on building better relations with employees should consider attending the Employee Engagement Forum 2011, which will take place at London’s Canary Wharf on March 3rd.

Posted by Ross George