As the nation jets off for the summer holidays, new research from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, reveals that 24 per cent of British workers say they can’t relax if they don’t check their work emails while on annual leave.

The data also reveals that over a third (37 per cent) feel more positive about their return to work if they’ve been checking in on work while out of the office, with only 5 per cent saying that they felt more stressed after sneaking a peak at their work emails.

LinkedIn’s research showed that almost seven in ten (68 per cent) of those questioned don’t mind checking their work emails while their OOO is on, with (60 per cent) admitting to opening in their inbox at least once a day.

The study also revealed that almost half (48 per cent) say that they check their emails as they don’t want to fall behind.

3 per cent admitted they check their emails as they actually get bored while on annual leave

A shocking 84 per cent of those questioned confessed that they actually respond to work emails while they’re on holiday

The most popular time British workers check their emails is in their hotel room (40 per cent), while 19 per cent started the day by checking their work emails over breakfast

The research highlighted that there are also stark differences in opinion around the country.

Those from East Anglia found it easiest to de-stress away from work, with only 16 per cent saying that they couldn’t relax if they didn’t check work emails. However they were also the most likely to say that they didn’t mind checking their emails while out of the office (81 per cent)

Those in Northern Ireland were the least likely to say that they didn’t mind checking their emails while on holiday (55 per cent). East Midlanders find it hardest to relax if they don’t check their inbox (31 per cent)

Darain Faraz, Careers Expert at LinkedIn, said:

“In the midst of holiday season, there can sometimes be pressure to keep on top of work so that we don’t fall behind. But however tempting it might be to have a sneak peak at your emails on holiday, or to ‘clear your mail’ when you have some spare moments, it’s important that we take the time to really switch off and focus on enjoying our breaks with loved ones”.





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