While the majority of employees are keen to find ways to highlight their skills in the current tough economic climate, a quarter will not be making any additional effort in the workplace.

That is according to a survey conducted by recruitment consultant Monster, which asked employees what they would be doing differently to make themselves ‘redundant proof’.

Some 57 per cent of those questioned said they would look out for "opportunities to shine" to show their employers how they add value to the company.

However, 25 per cent said that they would not be taking any additional actions despite the increase in redundancies brought about by the recession.

Commenting on the importance of good quality work, Monster stated: "Above all [employees] must remember that quality of work is the only determining factor for the majority of employers.

"Looking extra smart and staying until midnight won’t make any difference if your standards are low."

Monster suggested employees offer to stay late only if they have important work to finish.

It also advised employees to be enthusiastic, offer to help colleagues and accept projects that play to a person’s strengths.

Recent research from Cranfield School of Management showed that 70 per cent of young employees spend 50 per cent of their day looking at social networking sites.