The Government has announced plans for a substantial overhaul of the benefits system. These changes should address a number of practical barriers – for example, complexities in the current benefits system that preclude job-seekers from using  temporary assignments as a route back into work.
Responding to the Government’s plans, REC’s Director of External Relations, Tom Hadley, said;

“The proposed changes should tackle some of the major barriers that those operating on the front line of the jobs market have flagged up for years. Being able to see how much an individual has earned every week and being able to pay benefits accordingly will speed up the process.

“This will encourage job-seekers to take on the kind of temporary assignments that can often lead to further opportunities. Of course, we will  need to make sure that people can taper their benefits up – if they get less work that week -  as well as down.

“As well as addressing barriers and making work pay, the Government needs to ramp up  the practical support for job-seekers. Harnessing the expertise that is already out there – for example within the  private sector recruitment industry – is  the most cost-effective way of achieving this. The reality is that the vast majority of job-seekers want to work and to progress within the labour market.  Recruitment professionals will continue to play a central role by working with Jobcentre Plus and welfare providers  to make this happen”.