Workers who are concerned about job security in the current financial crisis can be encouraged by employee reward schemes, according to a recognition provider.

Businesses can hold onto their staff by providing them with incentives which do not have to cost the company a lot of money, Michael C Fina says.

According to a survey by the Trades Union Congress, the most common problem employees are faced with is an increase in their workload.

Sheila Sheldon, director of European operations at Michael C Fina, said there have been a lot of changes recently with many companies downsizing.

"How do you continue to motivate those individuals who have been kept on? Realistically you can do this by introducing a rewards scheme," she added.

The survey also showed nearly six million workers say they suffer from boring or repetitive work.

According to this year’s Employee Retention Survey, two-thirds of human resource staff said people left due to lack of promotion, compared to a third of leavers stating this as the reason for leaving.