Parental leave 'should be extended'The benefits of flexible working for fathers needs to be made a "normal" workplace practice, one sector commentator has claimed.

Sally Gimson, director of communications at the Family and Parenting Institute, said parents need to feel confident that they can work flexibly, particularly as UK fathers look to spend more time with their families.

Her comments come as the Equality and Human Rights Commission reveals that many employed fathers are working long hours, leading them to struggle when it comes to juggling the work/life balance.

Furthermore, two in five men fear that asking for flexible working arrangements would result in their commitment to their job being questioned and would negatively affect their chances of a promotion.

Ms Gimson stated: "It is about making it more normal to take parental leave and more easy for people to flexibly work. Everybody should have the right to flexible working at the start of a new job."

She went on to recommend that better paternity leave paid at the minimum wage should be introduced and reserved for fathers.

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