New research has suggested that management consultancy offers the biggest reward for graduates, it has been claimed.

The Tesco study looked at the total earning potential of the UK’s workforce by the age of 25 and revealed that management consulting proved the most lucrative, offering graduates the ability to earn £155,000 by the time they turned 25.

The figures may provide plenty of motivation for those looking for a career to head towards the management consulting arena, but the survey also found that the retail sector could also deliver plenty of earnings potential to graduates.

People heading into retail could earn a total of £140,000 by the age of 25, the study said, provided they receive the training and development required.

Tesco welcomed the findings of its survey, with the retail sector performing so favourably.

"We pride ourselves on providing competitive starting salaries and a fast-track programme that allows our graduates to move up the career ladder at a great pace," said Hayley Tatum, UK operations personnel director at Tesco.

"Our graduate schemes are renowned for providing our graduates with a high level of involvement and responsibility from day one," she added.

Meanwhile, a growing number of young people are being urged to consider moving into apprenticeships.

The government has unveiled a new bill that it hopes will encourage more young people to enter into apprenticeships if they choose not to go to university, so that they can get the training and development they need to get a job.