Rewards can improve brandsNew research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has demonstrated how organisations can develop a brand that links effectively with worker rewards.

Indeed, integrating employer branding and reward strategies can help to position businesses positively in preparation for an economic upturn, the body suggests.

Implications drawn from the research – produced in association with Mercer – for HR departments included the ability of rewards to influence employee behaviour, with communication seen as a crucial way or reinforcing the employer brand by raising awareness.

Furthermore, although financial rewards have an important role to play, non-monetary benefits can also be effective.

Chris Johnson, head of Mercer’s human capital business, said: “All participants in this research agree that aligning rewards with the employer brand helps in attracting, retaining and motivating staff.”

The CIPD recently claimed that there is a strong case for businesses to provide flexible working for their employees.

Posted by Hayley Edwards