Over half (52%) of all UK employees admit that the cost-of-living crisis is impacting their career forcing them to either look for a new role or request a pay rise from their current employer.

This is according to the leading Recruitment and Employment Technology Company, Career Wallet, who has recently published a national employee survey showing detailed trends and insights into the UK job market.


Changing jobs

As the cost-of-living crisis is driving up the costs of food, petrol, energy bills, a staggering 27 percent of UK employees have already started looking for a new role to earn more money and survive the crisis.

Also, 25 percent have either asked or are going to be asking for a pay rise from their current employer.  

Out of the employees surveyed, the under 30s have been most impacted, with 35 percent in the process of looking for a new role.

In addition, the North East is the region most affected with 40 percent of all employees in the process of changing roles.


What needs to change?

The national survey from the leading tech firm shows how many employees are being impacted directly by the increased cost of living and highlights to employers that current salaries and any pay rises need to cover these costs to ensure they keep hold of their staff and prevent them from looking for other opportunities.

 Craig Bines, CEO at The CareerWallet Group, commented, “At CareerWallet we process millions of jobs a day and this allows us to quickly see how the job market is being impacted on a daily basis. 

 “Our national employee survey has highlighted how UK employees are already being impacted by the rise in the cost of living and are actively looking to counter this by pursuing a new role or a pay increase and it is important that all employers are aware of this and act quickly to keep their talented people in their businesses.”







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