Technology can benefit the recruitment process, claims RECThe Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has stated that it hopes to embrace new technology, but insisted that core practices will be bettered rather than replaced.

Steve Hyde, chair of the institution's marketing, media and creative industries group, noted that the aim is for clients to trust their advisers, which comes from members' applied experience and ability to develop relationships.

He made his comments after the impact of social media was lauded at the REC's Annual Convention on the Future of Recruitment.

Mr Hyde accepted that technological advances could help make operations more efficient, but could not be a substitute for the insightful understanding of workers.

"Using technology in the recruitment process is a reality and a change that we should pro-actively embrace. The world around us is evolving, as an industry we need to adapt," he added.

Last month, the organisation's Northern Ireland branch urged companies to utilise flexible staffing to cope with the difficult economic outlook.

Posted by Hayley Edwards