If you’re a start-up owner who has decided to hire your first employee it can often be difficult to know where to start. How do you know how much to pay your employee? And what sort of interview questions should you ask? The hiring process can easily become intimidating for first-time start-up owners.

That’s why the right tools and resources are essential to your hiring process. Simply Business designed the adjoining infographic, which is a step-by-step guide to recruiting and hiring your first employee.


The infographic allows start-up owners to walk through the hiring process in a linear progression, which allows you to stay organized and know which step comes next. The infographic also allows you to access further resources by clicking on the bulleted points under each category.

Clicking on these points will take you to detailed “how to” articles that explain each subcategory of the hiring process. Not sure you’re ready to hire your first employee? There’s a link at the top of the infographic that will take you to a Simply Business article on whether or not you’re at the hiring point in your business yet.

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