Embarking on a new professional journey and changing careers after the age of 40 might seem like a challenging task, but it is entirely achievable.

FDM Group, a global consultancy dedicated to uniting people and technology, has unveiled a set of nine valuable tips to guide individuals through this transformative process.

Many factors can prompt a career change at 40, whether it is preparing for a shift in profession, returning to work after a career hiatus, or transitioning from the military to civilian roles. Regardless of the reason, the message is clear: it’s never too late to re-enter the workforce or explore a fresh career path.

Sheila Flavell, CBE, COO at FDM Group, emphasises that age is just a number when it comes to reinventing one’s career. She encourages those over 40 to recognise the value of their life and work experiences, which contribute to a set of transferable skills crucial for success in a new career.

Flavell advises starting by identifying passions and strengths, exploring corresponding opportunities, and embracing continuous learning, networking, and openness to change.

Nine tips for retraining and changing careers after the age of 40:


    • Identify strengths, skills, and achievements.
    • Balance passions and competencies for a fulfilling career


    • Explore industries aligned with skills and interests.
    • Focus on growing sectors with a demand for your skill set.

Identify required skills:

    • Conduct a skills gap analysis to prioritise necessary skills.

Engage in training and upskilling:

    • Choose a retraining path tailored to your skills gap.
    • Consider formal education, online courses, workshops, or training programs.

Update professional collateral:

    • Tailor your CV to highlight relevant skills and experiences.
    • Emphasise accomplishments during career breaks.

Gain practical experience:

    • Enhance your CV through internships, volunteering, or freelancing.
    • Showcase additional value to employers.

Start your job search:

    • Utilise online job portals, company websites, and networking platforms.
    • Tailor applications, including CVs and cover letters, for each job.

Prepare for interviews:

    • Conduct mock interviews to boost confidence.
    • Research companies for a deeper understanding of their values and culture.

Stay positive and persistent:

    • Embrace setbacks as part of the journey.
    • Learn from challenges and adapt your approach.
    • Consistency pays off in the job search process.

FDM Group encourages those considering a career change at 40 or beyond to visit their website for more information on retraining: FDM Group – Retraining at 40.

FDM Group, a global consultancy with over 30 years of experience, specialises in powering the people behind technology and innovation. The company offers tailored training to graduates, ex-forces personnel, and individuals returning from career breaks, providing mentorship and opportunities for success with world-class businesses. FDM collaborates and consults with clients to deliver the right people at the right time.






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