The new ‘Find an apprenticeship’ system will be National Apprenticeship Service’s main search facility for apprenticeship vacancies from May.

The programme launched in December 2014, has been designed to give users a more effective way of searching and applying for apprenticeships. Users will also be able to gain quick and easy access via mobile devices which is something the previous system was not able to do conveniently.

The site is currently running in its beta phase, which includes parallel running of both old and new search systems. This enables its developers to work closely with users and gather feedback in order to identify areas of improvement. As a result of this feedback, users are now able to search by employer name, by apprenticeship level and by partial postcode.

Currently ‘Find an apprenticeship’ has supported over 85,000 candidates and has already processed around 210,000 applications.

People using the old apprenticeship vacancy system will be redirected to the new site as of May 2015, at which point they will be encouraged to create a new account. In the meantime, developers will be continuing to work closely with candidates and career advisors in order to continuously improve the service.





Amie Filcher is an editorial assistant at HRreview.