Recruitment workers are looking for something extraRecruitment managers are searching for employees who can offer more than just a formal academic qualification, it has been reported.

According to Tom Hadley, director of external relations at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, CVs are "very important" because they allow managers to identify potential workers who go the extra mile.

"A few more specific things on your CV where you have done placements and a few temporary jobs can actually help," Mr Hadley said.

"It all comes back down to trying to be pro-active and building a CV from an early age which is quite difficult," he added.

Jobseekers must therefore display a keenness for extra-curricular activities, enabling them to display their plus points to a recruitment boss or employer and stand out from the crowd.

A recent survey by the Sutton Trust found that 77 per cent of secondary school pupils aspire to go to university, yet only 32 per cent actually enter higher education.