Graduates could turn to a charity for jobsRecruiters in the charity and public sectors could benefit from the growing number of graduates who have missed out on their top job, it has been claimed.

Chris Morrall, managing director at Talent Transitions, many university students who finish in 2010 will find their favoured jobs in training schemes have already been taken.

He said the graduate market is almost 45 per cent down with the larger enterprises.

“Recruitment for graduates in the public sector and charities is down but still buoyant,” he added.

Mr Morrall also stated that recruiters are leaning towards people with more interests outside of work. He claimed students are working harder to get firsts or a 2.1, but “they are not developing personal skills”.

“I’ve assessed some great people with a great degree, but with limited personal skills,” he explained.

His comments come after the Association of Graduate Recruiters’ latest confidence snapshot survey found HR workers are predicting a 5.4 per cent fall in the number of graduate jobs for 2009.