Graduates 'could approach employers directly'Graduates looking to find work through an apprenticeship have been told that they can approach potential employers directly if they have identified a possible organisation.

Shagufta Mustafa, spokeswoman for the National Apprenticeship Service, stated that arguably the best way to find a position is to register on Apprenticeship Vacancies.

She explained that the programme is run by the National Apprenticeship Service, which allows graduates and other jobseekers to search through openings posted by organisations looking for extra staff.

But Ms Mustafa said that confident job hunters could approach an employer directly to see if they can begin an apprenticeship with them.

"There is no reason not to suggest this to the business just as they would if they were applying for any other role with them," she added.

Her comments come in the aftermath of a debate regarding apprenticeships in the House of Lords which was led by Baroness Wall of New Barnet, who suggested that these positions can help a person to develop a wide range of useful skills for their future career.

Posted by Hayley Edwards