Flexible skills are more important to employersA recent poll of HR professionals and employees has discovered that many respondents felt that flexible skills were more valuable than traditional qualifications, in news which could have an effect on talent management.

The survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) revealed that varied and flexible skills were needed to allow jobseekers to find work in a currently difficult market.

CIPD’s resourcing and talent planning adviser Claire McCartney said: “In addition to flexible skills and mindset, business acumen, interpersonal skills and customer service skills are all very important in helping people stand out from the crowd in today’s turbulent economic climate.”

She added that results of the survey should be encouraging to people considering a change of career and that demonstrating the right attitude could go a “long way”.

Recent research by the Chartered Management Institute revealed that women in the workplace were coping better during the recession than men as they were more likely to accept a job transfer over redundancy.