Employer branding 'may be damaged' by poor recruitment processThe consumer profile and employer branding of a company could be damaged by poor recruiting processes and not getting in touch with unsuccessful job applicants, according to one expert.

Steve Huxham, chairman of the Recruitment Society, suggested that the findings from SHL demonstrated "a failure on all levels" on the part of businesses.

The data showed that one-fifth of employers were not giving feedback to candidates and 17 per cent of bosses did not inform applicants that they had been unsuccessful.

Furthermore, 18 per cent of jobseekers indicated that they would take their custom elsewhere as a result of a bad experience dealing with a given company’s recruiting process.

Mr Huxham reminded business leaders that today’s candidates could very well be tomorrow’s consumers and this should be a golden rule for employers.

He added that those firms that could not find sufficient time to engage with all jobseekers, including providing feedback or informing them of the success or otherwise of their applications, needed to invest in new staff to specially deal with this or better external partners.

By Hayley Edwards