Councils are set to work togetherA number of councils in the UK are set to join forces in order to improve recruitment, skills, housing and transport in their areas, it has been announced.

Local authorities in the West Midlands, north Kent, and the west of England will now be able to work together, communities secretary John Denham has announced.

He explained that this was because issues such as employment and housing do not alter or stop on council boundary lines and that local authorities increasingly need to work together on such day-to-day issues.

It is hoped the move will help to drive economic recovery from the recession.

“These agreements are giving councils new powers to help them work together to direct their spending and support where it is most needed and mastermind regional solutions,” said Mr Denham.

Meanwhile, Richard Doherty, group vice-president of solutions and marketing at Jobpartners, recently stated that as the UK emerges from the recession, organisations need to learn from their past recruitment mistakes.