Recruitment mistakes should be learnt fromAs the job market shows signs of improving, companies have been advised to learn from their previous recruitment mistakes, one sector commentator has claimed.

Richard Doherty, group vice-president of solutions and marketing at Jobpartners, said that in order to attract and retain the best workforce, businesses need to ensure they treat their staff and prospective employees with the same level of care as they treat their customers.

“HR departments need to ensure that they have got the key processes in place to support recruitment, employee performance, development and career and succession planning more effectively,” he added.

Mr Doherty stated that the job market was set to be more competitive, with more trained and talented people looking for work.

He advised HR departments to initiate a well implemented recruitment strategy in order to quickly and effectively identify suitable candidates, which he added could save both time and effort.

His comments come after the Employment Outlook Survey from Manpower UK revealed that there will be a rise in hiring in the last quarter of this year.