It is a question that jobseekers have deliberated over for years. After securing that all-important job interview, is there an ideal day to schedule it for? And if so, what is it?

New research by IntaPeople looks to have settled the matter once and for all, revealing that applicants are most likely to experience job interview success on a Friday.

The specialist recruitment consultancy analysed the interview times of 332 candidates who secured employment in the last 12 months, and found that more than a quarter of these individuals (26%) were interviewed right at the end of the working week.
Thursday was shown to be the second most beneficial day for individuals to interview on (21%), followed closely by Tuesday (20%). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the day on which fewest candidates were successful was Monday (16%).

The figures go against the notion that Friday interview slots can be a poor choice for applicants, with many previously claiming that individuals may struggle to get the full attention of hiring managers who are winding down for the weekend.
Stephen Riley, sales director at IntaPeople, explained:

“These findings actually make a lot of sense when you consider that many companies conclude their run of interviews on a Friday.

“By this time, many of the positive traits displayed by previous applicants are likely to have become less vivid in the memory of the hiring manager, handing Friday interviewees a fantastic opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Friday’s more relaxed office atmosphere can also help to put candidates at ease, allowing them to settle into the interview a lot quicker than normal.

“In this competitive market, the difference between interview success and failure can be marginal so anything that could give you that extra edge is worth exploring. Obviously good preparation is at the heart of every successful interview, but these findings indicate that timing can play a part too.

“It is, however, worth pointing out that it would be considered rather unwise for candidates to insist on a particular day if the employer hasn’t encouraged them to do so.”