A recent poll by WTW found almost all of those asked (95%) are concerned about retaining talent in 2023, bumore than half (55%) said the biggest HR challenge will be managing employee expectations. 

As The Great Resignation continues, more than a quarter of those asked said the best approach to tackling the current labour shortage crisis is to focus on improving company culture (28%) and upskill existing staff (29%).

But overall, there is no clear approach on how to remedy this issue.

Work and Rewards expert, Alastair Wood says:

“Between the cost-of-living crisis, an economic downturn and the Great Resignation, 2023 poses some challenges for HR. While companies need to be attractive to candidates and existing employees, this needs to be weighed up against delivering realistic actions. Companies need to decide the priorities early on.”

Organisations are planning to continue their focus across a range of topics, such as inclusion and diversity, pay equity, training and development and performance management.

Employee experience expert, Gaby Joyner, comments on employee expectations:

“It’s great that companies will be focusing on upskilling existing staff in 2023 but company culture is also a key aspect to attracting and retaining talent.

“Find out what people want on the ground. Employee surveys and focus groups can help decipher what’s most important to your workforce, so you can prioritise where change needs to happen.”






Amelia Brand is the Editor for HRreview, and host of the HR in Review podcast series. With a Master’s degree in Legal and Political Theory, her particular interests within HR include employment law, DE&I, and wellbeing within the workplace. Prior to working with HRreview, Amelia was Sub-Editor of a magazine, and Editor of the Environmental Justice Project at University College London, writing and overseeing articles into UCL’s weekly newsletter. Her previous academic work has focused on philosophy, politics and law, with a special focus on how artificial intelligence will feature in the future.