Training is vitalIt is "absolutely vital" that people in the UK are offered the training that allows them to develop skills and capabilities to help them to cope in difficult times, one sector commentator has suggested.

Dr John McGurk, advisor of learning and talent development at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, said that in order for Britons to be ready for change they needed to be continually learning and developing.

And he noted that this may mean taking additional steps to simply going on courses – which may not be a viable option due to the cost.

Dr McGurk advised carrying out personal research and focusing on developing project management skills during the downturn.

"It may well be taking on new tasks so that you stretch yourself and build your skill levels that way," he noted.

His comments follow a recent announcement from the independent education foundation Edge, which revealed that over 3.6 million vocational qualifications were awarded last year in the UK.