Poor people management skills need to be addressedBusiness leaders, HR staff and the government need to act to tackle a skills shortage at management level, it has been claimed.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Acas have jointly published guidance on how people can be a better boss – and are pushing for the government to help address supervisors’ poor people management abilities.

It is claimed this deficit is often the cause of bullying, as well as an increase in stress and conflict in the workplace. It is also said to be a contributing factor in the UK’s productivity gap.

CIPD chief executive Jackie Orme said: “Standards of line management in the UK are all too often poor.

“If we’re to close the productivity and skills gaps with our international competitors, we need to improve the management capability of our front-line managers.”

According to research for Dell, carried out by Tickbox.net/Opinion Matters, 44 per cent of people go to the internet for business advice.

Furthermore, of those surveyed, 30 per cent rate the current range of business programmes on TV or online as average.