Social media 'poses threat to businesses network security'Businesses are being told make their employees aware of the potential threats facing company computer networks from visiting social networks.

A report published by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) revealed that possible dangers to organisations include viruses, malware, brand hijacking and a lack of control over content.

ISACA chairman Robert Stroud suggested that UK firms may be able to provide effective training on the correct guidelines and etiquette in order to protect vital data.

"Although social media provides a new entry point for technology risks such as malware and viruses, these risks are lowered when employees have an increased understanding of the impacts of their risky behaviour," he said.

A survey by ISACA of company bosses showed that 62 per cent believed the risk posed by their employees checking personal emails or visiting sites such as Facebook and MySpace are medium or high.

Furthermore, another poll by Consumer Reports magazine revealed that more than half of adult users posted personal information on social media networks.

By Ross George