Software compliance is less of a priorityBusinesses continuing to battle the recession are seeing resources being reduced and standards becoming harder to apply, according to one sector commentator.

As a result of this trend, software compliance is appearing lower in many companies’ list of priorities.

James Rowlands, chief executive officer of Liken, said in the current economic climate money saving and reducing budgets has become number one on many organisations’ agendas.

"Formal programs like the FAST program and the BSA program, Software Asset Management (SAM) Advantage, they’re just difficult to sustain during time where resources are being cut and budgets are being looked at as hard as they are at the moment," he added.

According to a recent survey by Liken, IT personnel feel that SAM standards have become too onerous and have switched their primary focus to delivering cost savings internally.

Furthermore, key areas of cost scrutiny were usage, software licenses and reviewing open source alternatives.