According to an online survey of senior managers conducted by technical and engineering recruiter CBSbutler through its monthly Bulletpoint management newsletter, well over half ( 57%) of managers feel that regular performance reviews are the key to managing ‘sloppy workers’ – those that have a poor attitude to work.

“When we talk about ‘sloppy workers, what we mean is poor performance resulting not from poor ability, but rather a complacent attitude – a willingness to accept minimal standards from themselves and from others and conveying an impression that every task is just too much effort,” says David Leyshon, managing Director of CBSbutler. “Often this is coupled with poor timekeeping and a poor work focus.”

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Perhaps worryingly, just under 30% felt that confronting the employee to ask why their performance is below standards was the answer while 14% believed that daily monitoring would be beneficial.

“Confrontation and micro management just isn’t going to resolve the issue”, adds Leyshon. “It’s really important to clarify performance standards so that employees know what they are being measured against – otherwise the whole process becomes purely subjective which can lead to real problems. Disengaged employees, managed by poor leaders, are far more likely to underperform which is why it is crucial to have a holistic approach to performance management.”