Training and apprenticeships 'good for UK economy'Increasing the number of opportunities for young people to take up apprenticeships could help generate a mixed economy, according to one expert.

The chairman of the Recruitment Society Steve Huxham stressed that the government and UK companies getting together to create such training positions for specialist professions is a good idea.

His comments follow yesterday’s announcement by business secretary Vince Cable that the coalition administration is working to expand apprenticeships at Level 3 and higher as it endeavours to encourage more young jobseekers into the aerospace industry.

Mr Huxham said that one of the main benefits for society and UK companies is that "it makes people realise that apprenticeships have real value so that people who have gone through quite demanding apprenticeships are not devalued."

He added that one of the key things many business and political leaders are likely to have garnered in the wake of the downturn is the need to create a mixed economy.

By Cameron Thomson