Talent management should focus on ITTalent management should be focused on IT in the UK in order to boost economic recovery, it has been said.

A new survey from the British Computer Society (BCS), The Chartered Institute for IT, found that over 50 per cent of IT managers believe it is important to ‘improve the commercial focus for IT qualifications’, while 65 per cent want ‘more investment in developing IT skills’.

David Clarke, the chief executive officer of the BCS, said that a high-performing IT education system is required in order for the country to enjoy success, which could also highlight how effective talent management of individuals who excel in IT could bolster a company for the future.

“Investment in IT education and skills is essential if we are to turn a nascent economic recovery into a long-term competitive advantage,” he added.

The BCS recently noted that the most clever IT organisations in the UK will make green technology central to their future strategy as market conditions will dictate that green IT principles are embraced.