Business Library set up by Lord which has over 6,000 HR books in it

Lord Mark Price, former minister of state for trade and investment and managing director of Waitrose has launched the Engaging Works Business Library, which has over 6,000 books in it relating to HR.

The Business Library has 6,535 books in it which focuses on HR and over 80,000 altogether.

Engaging Works was created by Lord Price which is a service that helps to measure and track your workplace happiness, match for jobs and offers a personality quiz.

The aim of the library is “to help individuals become empowered with business know-how.”

Engaging Works said that “users also have the chance to become publishers and content creators, as the Business Library allows individuals to share articles, videos, tutorials, podcasts and lectures with the global Engaging Works community.”

The Business Library is linked to the Global Hub on Engaging Works, meaning that everything that is posted in the Global Hub, is automatically stored in the Business Library. Users are then able to either upload or bookmark items of interest on the Global Hub and add them to their Business Library.

Anna Farrow, director of people at Jigsaw Business Solutions, which offers support to businesses by improving payment schemes said:

I’m always looking for insightful reading and podcasts to share with my Leadership team, to challenge my own thinking and continue my professional development. The EW business library brings books, research and Podcasts onto one place, making it simple to find new and thought-provoking content from a variety of sources. I can even upload my own podcast!

Lord Price said:

Personal development is a major factor to being happy at work.  Everyone can take responsibility for their own development in a number of ways, including expanding their knowledge of their job and industry they work in.  The Business Library at Engaging Works offers over 80,000 business books in addition to user generated podcasts, lectures, research and articles-  everyone is sure to find something which will help promote their development at work.

In October 2019, Engaging Works through their Workplace Happiness survey found that the UK is the eighth happiest workplace in the world. With Romania, Belgium and Italy coming first, second and third.





Darius is the editor of HRreview. He has previously worked as a finance reporter for the Daily Express. He studied his journalism masters at Press Association Training and graduated from the University of York with a degree in History.