Adult training courses can boost skills and confidence, says expertAdult learning courses can boost confidence, wellbeing and may aid job progression, according to a UK body.

The Workers’ Educational Association said that it is natural that people will want to enrol in training courses in a bid to increase skills in a competitive jobs market.

A spokesperson for the WEA suggested that it is important for employees to consider adding to their talents and showing flexibility that could work to an individual’s advantage.

This follows the results of the annual Adult Learners’ Week survey by the National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education that revealed concerns over the economy are encouraging thousands of people back into education.

Furthermore, the number of people from disadvantaged backgrounds engaging in mature learning had increased by 30 per cent.

The WEA spokesperson stated that such training can not only lead to job progression or a qualification for some older students but can also boost the confidence of those who might have felt "socially excluded".

By Colette Paxton