New research predicts the extinction of the projector and desktop PC as interactive, digital enterprise training on personal consumer devices takes over.

ILX Group today announced the findings from its new Digital Learning for Business report which highlighted that 41% of enterprises are considering rolling out training on tablet devices in 2012.
The research looks at four key areas of enterprise learning: the current situation and inhibitors to training; current training methods; devices used and Learning Management Systems.
One hundred human resources (HR) decision makers from some of the UK’s largest organisations across financial services, manufacturing, retail, distribution and transport, public sector and other commercial sectors were surveyed to gain an accurate picture of the training needs of today’s companies and how enterprise learning can best be delivered.
The report revealed the following key findings:
  • Developing tomorrow’s leaders:  According to the respondees, the main objective of training is to improve business capabilities and to boost employee morale.  The training areas that most companies are keen to advance are leadership and management skills
  • The growth of elearning: Reduced learning time and increased effectiveness through higher knowledge retention will continue to spread elearning as a fun, cost-effective, efficient, alternative to traditional classroom training which is set to decline
  • The consumerisation of IT:  Personal devices will take over from laptops as the main and preferred interface for enterprise learning. Whilst the use of projectors and the desktop PC is gradually declining, we are seeing an increasing use of tablet PCs, interconnected TVs and games consoles, which are due to experience a steady growth
  • Blended training is to be a major growth area:  Classroom training with digital tools (interactive white boards and voting pads) is combined with elearning, merging the fun and interactive dynamic of the classroom with the knowledge retention and learning effectiveness of elearning
Ken Scott, CEO at ILX Group, said: “2012 is truly the year of digital learning as enterprises seek the benefits of consumer devices in the workplace. This research is an opportunity for senior management and HR professionals to learn which approaches work best in terms of both cost and learning effectiveness.  It also illustrates how to create and deliver fun training that increases the likelihood of information recall and passing examinations, whilst ensuring that employees integrate their new knowledge into their day-to-day operations and decision making.”