Almost 400 delivery drivers for KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Wagamama vote to strike over a real terms pay cut.

A majority of 76 percent of those who voted were in favour of industrial action.

Bestfood drivers, who also deliver fresh food to the likes of Pizza Express and Zizzi, will announce strike dates imminently.

Can businesses prevent strikes?

It is not always straightforward, of course, but fair pay and treatment, in addition to good working conditions and rights, provide a solid foundation.  

Communication between employers and workers is also key.

 Julia Kermode, Founder of IWORK, says: “Remember that strikes are usually the last resort. The more you know about how things are for your team at the coal face the more you will be able to ensure you are doing everything reasonable from an employer perspective.  

“People may want more money, but if there isn’t any is there anything else that can help?   

“People may not like changes in contracts, terms, conditions, benefits and so on, but are they seeing the bigger picture?  

 “Think about their perspective and what they care about. What can you agree on?  Is there a middle ground?

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer, comments on the strike:

“The parent companies of Bestfood – Booker and Tesco – are making serious money.

“Shareholders are trousering large dividends, while the people who do the graft are struggling to make ends meet.

“All these workers want is a pay deal that protects them from this crushing cost of living crisis.

“Now, some of the best know restaurants on the UK’s high streets will face shortages over Christmas.”

Why is using temps to cover striking staff not the best approach?

“Temps plug vital skills gaps and keep the wheels of business running, in the event of strikes, for example.   

“However, there is a risk that temps could walk into hostile environments by crossing picket lines and it would be irresponsible not to make them aware of that. As temps may prefer to decline the work, I am worried that they won’t be informed or won’t have any choice about accepting the work if they need the income.   

“Also, using temps to cover will undermine your existing staff which is likely to exacerbate the situation and prolong tensions.”

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