How to avoid the 'Monday blues'

A flexible office specialist has offered their top tips to avoid the “Monday Blues” as we approach the 20th January, which has been dubbed as the “most depressing” day of the year.

Workthere, a business from Savills have identified the best six ways to counteract the Monday feeling in the office.

They are:

  • Interact with colleagues

Nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of employees think catching up with their colleagues after the weekend is one of the happiest part of their day. Workthere said: “Take some time to chat with your colleagues and ask them about their weekend. The interaction will help start your day off right and ultimately boost your mood.”

  • Get your work done

Workthere has found that the most productive part of the day is 10.48 am so they advise to use this time to get through as much of your to-do list as possible. They also found despite the “Monday Blues”, it is the second most productive day of the week.

  • Listen to music

Listening to music at work can increase productivity by 25 per cent and can also boost your mood by 35 per cent. Over a third (38 per cent) said the best genre of music to listen to is pop, if you want a stimulant to keep you working hard.

  • Take your lunch break

The lunch hour has greatly reduced in time as the average lunch break is now only 34 minutes long, despite 82 per cent saying this is the happiest part of a working day.  Worryingly, 52 per cent of workers skip their lunch break entirely.  Workthere said: “On Blue Monday, make a conscious effort to take your full lunch break away from your desk, either by going for a walk or sitting down to eat with your colleague.”

  • Have a treat

A helpful pick me up can just be a sweet treat with 80 per cent of staff saying this sort of treats bring them happiness.

  • Go home on time

The majority of workers finish at 17.00, but the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that UK employees are now working 30 minutes more every week compared to a decade ago. Leaving on time means you have more time in the evening to do what you want to do.

Cal Lee, global head of Workthere, said:

Blue Monday can be a tough time, but it doesn’t have to be a bad day in the office. Instead of dwelling on the gloominess of the day, our top tips should help you beat the Blue Monday blues, with small changes you can implement to boost mood and productivity.

If you work in a flexible office space, take time to chat with other people around you who you may not often speak with. If you have complimentary tea/coffee making facilities, then treat yourself mid-afternoon. Or, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed/need five minutes to yourself, take advantage of a break out of the room. Do this, and we promise your Blue Monday won’t feel as blue!

These results were gathered after Workthere asked the opinions of 2,000 UK workers.





Darius is the editor of HRreview. He has previously worked as a finance reporter for the Daily Express. He studied his journalism masters at Press Association Training and graduated from the University of York with a degree in History.