Ex-Armed Forces ideal candidates for construction and logistics industry

Andrew Lawson

According to a supplier of building materials, ex-Armed Forces personnel make ideal candidates for careers in construction and logistics , as they have employed numerous people with a military background.

SIG Distributions see team working, leadership and problem solving as the three main transferable skills that ex-military personnel bring to their company, which make them the perfect fit in to the business according to SIG.

Other attributes the company holds in high regard that these individuals bring is discipline, a good work ethic, confidence and strong decision-making skills.

Every year, roughly 15,000 people leave the Army in the UK, and SIG believes these individuals possess the skills needed to pursue a career in the construction and logistics industry.

In light of National Armed Forces Week (24-30 June), some SIG employees with a military background gave their opinion on life after the army within the company.

Andrew Lawson, now a project manager at SIG after spending 20 years in the Armed Forces where he held multiple positions including Army Officer, military logistics, air assault forces and bomb disposal said:

The Army, like SIG Distribution, is multi-functional with multiple departments, areas and sites that all contribute to the bigger picture. While I’m new to the construction industry, I’m already seeing many similarities with the Armed Forces. The biggest similarity appears to be when we support our customers, going the extra mile to ensure they meet their objectives.

Terry Burdon, category manager at SIG and ex Royal Navy Marine engineer said:

The main issue I had was transitioning from a job I always wanted to do and had dreamed about as a child, to being out of work and having no clue what I wanted to do. Thankfully the core skills I learnt in the Armed Forces made me persevere and helped me to find a new career that I enjoy and can be proud of.

Fran Galbraith, group talent and development director at SIG said:

We’ve seen first-hand the Armed Forces leavers make great employees in the construction sector, where we have had a lot of success recruiting service leavers into a variety of roles such as drivers, operations managers and senior management positions. Not only do they have significantly experience, but they have first-class personal qualities – they’re motivated, versatile and quick-learners. They also have lots of transferable skills, such as teamwork, organization, planning and communications.

SIG encourages former military individuals to check out its vacancy page on their website.

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