Do your working relationships always run smooth? Or do you find yourself embroiled in arguments, office politics or unproductive dynamics?

If so, improving your level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence is absolutely vital.

HRreview are running a one day course designed for HR professionals who want to improve how they manage how staff interact and engage with others in the workplace.

The course will help you to improve your listening skills, develop a greater level of self-awareness and learn how to handle colleagues and customers with greater confidence, assertiveness and empathy.

The course is designed for HR professionals who are responsible for developing managerial and communication skills in their organisations and staff who want to improve their emotional intelligence

To introduce the day, we will look into emotional intelligence and think about essentially what it is and why it matters. Why do we as humans develop self-awareness? Looking into the roots of this can lay the foundation for us to change the way we think at work.

The next sessions will look into identifying and questioning beliefs, handling conflict with confidence and giving and receiving feedback at work.

The trainer will help you to understand the fears that block assertiveness and honest, and why assertion does not equal aggression.

He will also look at how to handle sensitive or difficult issues, and how to find the line between taking responsibility for an issue, and being labeled as a victim. How can we befriend criticism and receive feedback courteously and learn from it?

Finally we will look at how to action plan for future development, so you can take the skills you have learnt from the sessions back to the office. The trainer will also provide you with resources and support to continue your journey to self-awareness.

The day will be hosted by Duncan Lewin, a former employee of  Deloitte who specialises in helping people improve their skills in giving and receiving feedback, managing conflict more productively and handling difficult conversations.

A former ‘feedback-phobic’, Duncan was terrible at handling feedback and criticism. Like many, he had two ways of responding: aggressive and argumentative, or passive and resentful. Neither worked, and both left him stressed.

Eventually the stress got too much and he began a personal journey in finding a new way of relating to feedback and conflicting opinions.

The event will be held in Belgravia in Knightsbridge on the 27th April and the price of your ticket will include a 2-course lunch at a 5 star Hotel, The Jumierah Lowndes. Find out more details here.








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