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Liverpool-based HR specialists High Performance Consultancy (HPC) are using National Work From Home Day to highlight the value of flexible working.

A recent survey found that 70% of managers reported an increase in productivity in response to flexi-working and found that employees are more likely to overcompensate when working out of the office.

National Work From Home Day (16th May) aims to show that giving people the freedom to work from home can benefit all parties and demonstrate savings on office costs, ease transport congestion and enable employees to manage workload more effectively.

Previous studies have suggested that remote working may create a more engaged workforce by giving employees some freedom and letting them create a working space that best boosts their productivity, which leads to a healthier happier workforce.

The number of remote workers has rose by more than 50% in the last 7 years, which would suggest that as long as effective communication and management is fully maintained, there is no reason why taking this new approach won’t become more and more popular.

Managing director at HPC, Victoria Brown, says flexible working patterns such as working from home has been a growing trend for the past few years: “Changes in technologies and new working practices have made working from home a much more viable option for some employers, by allowing employees to work remotely.

“Better wireless internet connections, the emergence of Smartphones and tablets as viable business tools, and programs such as Dropbox and Open Office are all making it easier than ever for employees to work while at home or on the move.

“More and more companies are starting to utilise an online document management system and it seems remote employees may be the next big step in the working world. New systems and technology allow workers to have all the information they would ever need with regards to clients, briefs, etc at their fingertips. Using these methods enables the centralisation of all data and documents allows for easy sharing and negates any issues relating to lost files or paperwork.

“Eventually, all businesses are going to adopt this approach, therefore it’s wise you get on board early before you fall behind. Embracing new systems and technologies will allow your business to grow and run more efficiently and could potentially transform the lives of many, particularly those with parental or caring responsibilities. You can take your company with you wherever you go and you can work on your own terms.”