Professionals and theoristsPeter Reilly, HR, IES at the forefront of HR analysis are increasingly talking about prediction models. One such expert is Peter Reilly, Principle Associate at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) who will chair the Symposium Mission Critical HR Analytics conference.

Peter gained a wealth of industry experience at Shell before joining the IES. He held various HR posts for the energy giant, for the UK and abroad, including both generalist jobs (as Personnel Manager for Shell UK’s Information and Computing division) and specialist roles (in compensation and benefits, recruitment and career development, and industrial relations).

At the Institute he leads its work on the HR function and significantly contributes to the Reward and Performance Management theme. He has given consultancy support to organisations on issues in this area and is a regular speaker and commentator.

Peter was voted into the 2010 Top 30 Most Influential HR Thinkers in the UK by HR Magazine.

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James Marsh is an HR consultant and currently leads the editorial team at HRreview.

An avid HR blogger and tweeter on HR and management issues, James has worked as an HR manager, consultant, in-house recruiter and trainer and has expertise in both management strategy and HR policies and processes. He has a BA from the University of Nottingham in American Studies, a Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Westminster and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

James is also the regular chairperson of HRreview's series of webinars that discuss and debate the latest HR trends and issues, InsideHR.