The government has launched a campaign entitled Know Your Rights, aimed at agency workers.

Posters and adverts in online and local press will be urging those who work for an agency to know their legal rights.

Launched yesterday (February 9th), the government is hoping that the campaign will also serve as a reminder to employers to understand their responsibilities when it comes to the rights of agency staff.

As part of the campaign, Business Minister Pat McFadden will be given the task of contacting 13,000 recruitment agencies so that they are clear on how to comply with the law in relation to the staff they handle.

Commenting on the campaign, Pat McFadden said: "Employment agencies need to make sure they play by the rules and don’t short-change their staff. An economic downturn should not be an excuse to deny people their rights to work.

"This campaign will help agency workers know their rights and help employers know their responsibilities."

The campaign has been given the backing of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

Katja Hall, director of employment policy at the CBI said it represented "an important first step" in making sure workers know their rights.

New government guidelines, which will allow staff the right to time off to train, will not apply to temporary agency staff.