The Employers Forum on Age (EFA) has expressed its disappointment that many employees still suffer from ageism at work.

Catharine Pusey, director of the EFA was making her comments in light of the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary ‘Too old to work’.

She explained that the programme further highlighted the need for the government to scrap the default retirement age, after she denounced it as "completely archaic".

Commenting on the programme, Ms Pusey said: "“It is really disappointing that two and a half years on from the 2006 age legislation, so many people are still victims of ageism at work.

"It just goes to show that a change in the law is merely the first step in a long journey towards tackling endemic social prejudices."

She said that in order for there to be real equality at work attitudes needed to change.

Peers in the House of Lords recently gave their backing to the EFA’s campaign to abolish the default age for retirement.