You could be judged as a slacker or an achiever just by what you wear. Clothes to a lot of workers have a large impact on the attitudes people have towards you however perception of office dress can differ enormously from country to country.

A recent survey including over 12,500 workers from 24 countries by Ispos revealed that Europeans have the most casual attitude to work wear. Fewer than 30% (27%) said that they wear ‘traditional’ business clothes to work. In contrast nearly 60% of Indian workers where ‘business clothes to work’.

The researchers from Ispos discovered that many workers don’t dress for success even though 40% of those questioned said they wouldn’t expect people who wear casual business clothes to be hired or promoted into senior positions. 66% believed that senior management should be better dressed than their employees.

John Wright a senior vice president for Ispos said “It’s clear from the survey results that around the world dressing to your place in the hierarchy is more often the case than dressing to the elements,”