The Department for Work and Pensions is behind a new initiative which aims to increase the number of disabled people employed across the UK and limit any apprehensions employers may have when recruiting people with disabilities.

The new initiative already has over 200 employers involved. The DWP is working alongside the Clear Company who created the Disability Clearkit, an online service to share best practice, offer guidance to employers and stimulate employment opportunities for disabled talent.

The Clearkit offers guidance to employers on, when appropriate, ensuring that rejecting disabled candidates is done fairly, based on competence. The site includes practical support, guidance on best practice, employer case studies, top tips and checklists.

In line with the equality act 2010 employees are encourage to make more adjustment for people with disabilities. Many organization may feel overwhelmed by the procedures or even behave in an over cautious manner when dealing with individuals with disabilities. This guide aims to offer some assurance and improve the way disabled people are treated within the workplace and throughout the recruitment process.

Kate Headley, Director at The Clear Company, said: “During recent years there have been many initiatives to improve the job prospects for disabled people but the percentage of working-age disabled people in employment has remained stubbornly static at around 47%, compared to an overall rate of around 78%.

“This is clearly an issue that needs addressing, given the huge pool of disabled talent, which is too often overlooked, and the fact that one in five people in the UK available for work has a disability.

“The program was initiated by the DWP, concerned by the fact that too many employers remain unsure about recruiting disabled people. The Disability Clearkit has been developed by employers for employers, which makes perfect sense as it is the employers who hold the key to enabling more disabled people to get into work.