A further pay gap is now opening up. Photograph: Barbara Alper

A further pay gap is now opening up. Photograph: Barbara Alper

The University of Washington has released a new report revealing that lesbians in the United States earn up to nine percent more than heterosexual female employees. The study found that gay men often earn eleven percent less than heterosexual males. On average, the report also revealed, homosexual women work more hours per day than straight women.

At a time when a great deal of focus is being placed on the gender pay gap between men and women, it will come as a surprise to some that there is another pay gap opening up between men and women of a differing sexuality.


Although there has been no official hypothesis developed as to why this gap is appearing, there have been some who have argued that homosexual women sometimes face ‘positive discrimination’, as employers assume that they will not have children. However, men are women are not obliged to disclose their sexuality to their employer.

However, the study did find that homosexual women do face discrimination when applying for jobs and the poverty level, New York magazine reports, is higher among gay women.





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