Ethnic minority employees may benefit from the appointment of James Caan as the new co-chair of the Department of Business’s Ethnic Minority Task Force.

Mr Caan enjoys a high profile as the newest member of the Dragon’s Den team and it is hoped that he will be able to use his entrepreneurial skills to help support ethnic minority businesses.

The business expert said he was pleased to be working with the task force in what he described as a “very important initiative”.

He said: “The Entrepreneurial sector of the Economy has always been where my passion lies and to which the Ethnic Minority group makes a very valuable contribution.

“I am looking forward to using the same skills that I apply across all my business ventures to deliver tangible results.”

Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business, made the appointment and said that it was important for the country to foster a place where “anyone with ambition, passion and a good idea – no matter what their background – can succeed”.

The Ethnic Minority Employment Task Force was formed in 2003 with the task of improving the situation for ethnic minorities in the job market.