Please see below for legal comment following the breaking news that Andy Gray has been sacked following his sexist remarks from BskyB’s former employment law counsel, Wendy Trehy:

BSkyB had no other option but to dispense with Andy Gray’s services given his comments before the Wolves v Liverpool game at the weekend and following video evidence of further discriminatory comment caught on camera. Wendy Trehy, employment partner at DAC an ex-in house employment counsel for BSkyB comments:

“BSkyB have taken the right action in the circumstances. Any other action would have been seen to condone or excuse Mr Gray’s behaviour, which is contrary to everything Sky does as a forward thinking employer committed to equal opportunities. Leaving aside any opinion about Mr Gray’s comments themselves, had BSkyB not dismissed him it would have been at risk of complaints and legal action from its own employees; and for Mr Gary’s behaviour to have been brought up as evidence of BSkyB condoning discrimination. They had to act and act decisively.”