If you’re a newcomer to HRreview, it’s likely that you’ve missed some great feature articles from earlier on in the year. Similarly, if you’ve been a devoted reader throughout the year, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of joy in having our best content from 2014 all in one place. We’ve hand-picked the most interesting articles from every month of 2014.

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Working from home

Charles Marks: Getting the balance right

As our ideas of the what the ‘working environment’ is continue to change, Charles Marks highlights the importance of finding the right balance between working in the office and working from home.



Catharine Geddes: Workplace romance – what employers need to know

Office romances are far from uncommon, however, not many organisations have clear policies on their acceptability. Catharine Geddes suggests some policy guidelines on how organisations should handle relationships between members of staff.



Amy Wilson: The importance of Talent transparency

Long gone are the days when high-performing employees were happy to stay at one company for life. Amy Wilson explains how to keep your talent committed and motivated.



David Press: Diversity must be in your DNA

Today, social diversity amongst staff seems to at the top of most organisations agendas, however, there hasn’t been much evidence of change. David Press explains the dangers of having a homogenous workforce.



Patrick Watt: Supporting your workforce come rain or shine

With depression in employees rising as a result of being stressed, Patrick Watt highlights the benefits of ensuring that your workforce is happy all year round.



Adrian Moorhouse: What can business learn from sport?

Olympic gold medallist, Adrian Moorhouse, demonstrates the similarities between businesses and sports teams. Furthermore, he explains how organisations can build a competitive advantage through individual and team development.



Vincent Belliveau: All aboard – Why you need to engage new employees from the word go

It’s important to remember that recruitment doesn’t end once you’ve secured the talent. Vincent Belliveau explains the benefits of engaging new employees as soon as you have them on board.


old employee

Victoria Mance & Pranav Yajnik: Successfully managing an ageing workforce

Victoria Mance & Pranav Yajnik give a thorough guide on how to manage an ageing workforce whilst still maintaining ‘inter-generational fairness’.



Alex Wilke: Moving on from the annual employee engagement survey

End-of-year surveys have been the norm for decades. Alex Wilke explains why this traditional approach to assessing employee engagement is outdated and suggests ideas for a more modern alternative.


boss learning

Dr. Anton Franckeiss: Leaders as change masters

Dr. Anton Franckeiss explains why the traditional, authoritative leader has become outdated and explains why the modern manager needs to have a continual hunger to learn new things.



Prithvi Shergill: How to avoid misunderstandings with millennials
Millennials have often been mistaken as being self-centred and isolationists. Prithvi Shergill explains how organisations can take these perceived negative characteristics and use them to the benefit of the business.



Mandy Rutter: Smart drugs at work – legal highs or just strong coffee?
In the quest for increased productivity, the use of ‘smart drugs’ is becoming more and more common in the workplace. Mandy Rutter discusses the effect that could have on the long-term health and wellbeing of a workforce.


We hope you’ve enjoyed all of the content that we’ve published throughout the year and we look forward to supplying you with more great HR articles in 2015. Happy holidays.

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