Workplace Learning

Our InsideHR webinar on workplace learning now has an infographic detailing the key stats and highlights from our round-table discussion with experts from, Arvato and The Collinson Group

Did you miss last week’s webinar on workplace learning? Don’t worry – you can still listen to the whole event on demand.

The latest instalment of InsideHR, the webinar series from HRreview dedicated to the practitioners focused on implementing an informal learning culture within your business or organisation.

E-Learning is fast becoming one of the most popular methods for companies to use to establish a culture of learning in the workplace.

On the panel were Laurie Burruss consultant in education at, Gavin Walsh, learning and development consultant for Arvato financial solutions, Bertie Tonks, talent and learning global director for The Collision Group and our regular host and editor of HRreview, James Marsh.

The hour-long debate included an introduction to informal learning practices and a breakdown of the 70:20:10 model, which has been adopted by a number of UK and Australian companies. The model divides the way we learn into three distinct methods: 70% informal learning, 20% learning from others and 10% formal learning.

There was also some great advice and findings from our panel on how to launch, grow and maintain an informal learning practice using what they described as the 4 key pillars:

  • The organisational challenge and how to identify the needs of the business;
  • Evaluating the options and solutions and how these will benefit the business;
  • Implementing the right solutions, developing a strategy how to promote it and maintain momentum;
  • Measuring the effectiveness, quantitative and qualitative methods and assessing the ROI.

Also discussed were the more intangible but no less important aspects of developing an informal learning culture such as:

  • The use of incentives;
  • Identifying and promoting your learning champions;
  • Seeking feedback from the employees;
  • And how employees use these highly flexible tools;
  • Giving companies the ownership of their own learning strategies;
  • Investing in the individual rather than the employee;
  • And how e-Learning can enable us to learn on demand.

The free webinar lasted around sixty minutes and you can still access it, by simply clicking here.

Following the webinar, HRreview have produced a great free infographic for you to share too. Click on it to see an enlarged version. Free to download and share.

e-learning infographic