Was this a good budget for HR are departments?

Was this a good budget for HR are departments?

The Chancellor’s Budget yesterday managed to steer clear of any drama that may imperil the Prime Minister or the upcoming EU referendum. However, there were some morsels in the Chancellor’s speech that were of interest to HR departments. From changes to national insurance contributions to encouraging ‘younger savers’ and rate relief for UK PLCs, there were a number of policy alterations announced that will have to be implemented by HR departments once they are brought into force by government. If you need some background before pushing the ‘vote’ button, you can check out a list of the Chancellor’s announcements here. So, what do you think? Was the Chancellor’s budget a good one for HR?

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When it comes to the hot button issue of employment engagement, communication has a critical part to play. Effective internal communication is, of course, key when it comes to achieving anything of note in business. Eloquent top down communication allows employees to believe in management, to believe that management is approachable and interested in addressing their problems. Engaging with employees matters because it promotes, in turn, better performance. A happy employee makes a productive employee as the old adage goes.

Our latest Special Edition is themed around employee engagement and this week we want to know do you feel that engagement has an impact on the success of your organisation?

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