What can one company do to connect people and business across the globe in a sustainable way? Bringing the possibility of greater prosperity by extending trade to the world’s markets also carries with it the responsibility to innovate the way you do business sustainably. Our role as HR Directors is not only to enable our organisations to implement sustainable initiatives, but also to engage our employees in such practices.

The challenge with global organisational sustainability strategies is that, in their entirety, they don’t speak to the individuals ‘on the shopfloor’ in terms of their day to day role. It is up to us to take these broad objectives and world spanning strategies and break them down into smaller digestible parts so everyone can get involved and feel a part of meeting these ambitious targets.

At FedEx Express, we have recently launched our Eco-drive programme, a roadmap to improve fuel efficiency across EMEA by helping inspire couriers and other team members with practical information and driving tips to operate their vehicles in a more environmentally friendly way. It has been our goal to make every one of our team members operating across this region feel empowered to actively play their part and see the impact their own actions can have on such a significant corporate objective.

By sharing sustainable objectives with your workforce, it not only educates them on the sustainable issues at hand, but shows them their company is willing to reduce its impact on the environment and make a difference. It is also a successful way to empower and motivate your employees. We have certainly seen a sense of pride among our team members who have been inspired with the knowledge and skill set to become more environmentally sustainable. Every investment—both large and small—counts in creating a more sustainable future for the company and our planet and this is the key message we need to cascade to our employees.

The techniques and tips learned from any sustainable programme can be applied on the job and outside of work, and I think this is the main benefit asevery individual plays an integral part in the sustainability of his or her company, from recycling to turning off lights.

We are in a fortunate position to be able to help businesses navigate the complex challenges of global trade while integrating responsible environmental practices into our daily operations. Every business needs to be accountable for its actions and I strongly feel human resources has a significant role to play. They only key now is to ensure we sustain the sustainability!

About the Author

Kevin Dunkeld

Kevin Dunkeld, HR Managing Director, FedEx Northern Europe

Kevin is responsible for ensuring FedEx continues to develop world-class HR programmes to maintain and underpin its strong reputation as one of Northern Europe’s best employers.

Starting his HR career in 1975 working as an HR manager at Grahams, a national builders’ merchants, Kevin joined FedEx Corp in 1990 where he initially was engaged as a Senior HR Representative. His primary focus and responsibility was to support the integration programme of Home Delivery.

Following the company’s restructure, he was appointed HR Manager for FedEx UK, Ireland and the Nordics. Kevin then secured the position of HR Managing Director and throughout the last 12 years has assumed a multitude of HR functional responsibilities over a wide and diverse EMEA remit.

In his current role he ensures that the company is delivering a culture of ‘Safety Above All’ and in respect to Labour Relations, he oversees the EU Employee Consultative Forum and champions the continued design and introduction of People Programmes throughout the NEU District.